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West Virginia University is dedicated to integrity in its academic, research, and business activities.

In upholding its mission and under the guidance of BOG Governance Rule 1.4 - Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Outside Consulting Arrangements, the WVU Conflict of Interest Office (COI Office) oversees and implements the University's institutional, research, faculty, and staff conflict of interest policies and procedures, helps to ensure university compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, provides guidance and support to the University community, and administers and supports the activities of the University's Conflict of Interest Committee.

WVU relies on accurate disclosures from its employees to help ensure compliance across the broad scope of BOG Governance Rule 1.4, covering conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment related to:

  • an employee’s time, effort, and responsibilities;
  • conflicts of interest in research; and
  • conflicts of interest at the institutional level.

Dependent upon your role or roles at the University, you may have one or more disclosure submission requirements to satisfy all policy obligations.

For guidance regarding disclosure requirements, please see the Disclosure Forms page.